Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Vino Veritas

We can all agree that John loves wine (ok, me too!).  He has drastically enhanced the restaurant's wine cellar by increasing the offerings to well over 200 different wines, and stocking it with wines from around the world (Lebanon for example).  John is constantly seeking out wines to carry in the cellar and rarely does he price wine that much over retail, so you are sure to get a great deal if you choose a bottle from the cellar.  Ask John why he does this and he will reply that he wants people to try new wines and be exposed to different wineries and varietals they may not have had before.  Wine is supposed to be fun, and not intimidating.  John feels passionately about that and is happy to navigate any and all guests through the cellar.

That said, we took a trip in March to visit California wine country.  We had some great tastings lined up with wonderful and somewhat exclusive wineries, and also a meeting with Spencer Graham of Elizabeth Spencer to go over wines for the wine dinner we had on April 10th.  It was a such a great visit to Napa and Sonoma counties.  We met some fantastic people, tried amazing wines, and of course ate delicious food.  Below are some photos from the trip.  Many of the wines we tried we either carried or now carry in the cellar.  Be sure to stop by and try some of these wonderful representations of California wine.

Vines in Calistoga 

Tasting Room at Elizabeth Spencer.  The line-up was fantastic!

Amazing wines from Colgin that we were lucky to taste.  They are considered "Cult Cabs".
Peter Michael wines are so delicious.  Loads of ripe fruit.  Very palette pleasing.

Martinelli Zin from Sonomoa.  We hope to get these in our cellar one day.
Mmmm...Lynmar!  Amazing Pinots and Chards.  Another winery we hope to have in our cellar.
John and the wind blowing machine.

The mustard was in full bloom and made for some stunning vineyard scenes.

Darioush Winery.  The winery  is like no other in the valley.  Great reds and whites.  Grab a bottle if you can find one.

Fun winery that has a long history in the valley. 

The cat at Salvestrin.

Wow, this is some old Rose.

We even found an old Mill and were lucky enough to get a private tour!

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